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What our Clients Say about Us

M-Ocean helped us review the Job Description while we were drafting it by validating some details.

Also provided inputs on standard practice on how to compensate and manage agreements since this was to be our first Philippine hire.

We had confidence that M-Ocean understood on a deeper level the culture fit we needed and how the position would fit in our company.

It didn’t feel like a widget where they were just finding a round peg for a square hole.

It felt like a partnership.


I worked with M-Ocean to place an Operations Director within my business, and she is one of the best things to happen to my company! M-Ocean saved us a ton of time in the hiring process. We tried posting online but it wasn’t a great experience for us – it was time consuming and the applicant didn’t have relevant experience. I don’t have the network overseas to source for this type of talent myself. And honestly, I wouldn’t want to. Our time is really important, we have a ton going on within our organization, and we don’t have the time to stop all of our projects to source top level talent. It isn’t our area of expertise so we leave it to the experts! Whenever I need a new employee, I reach out to M-ocean and quickly have a short list of top candidates. The time savings is totally worth it to us.


“I like working with M-ocean because they are easy to talk to, delivers what the business needs, and are pure professionals at what they do. They also make sure they have a healthy talent pipeline and keeps them satisfied too!”

Cristina T.

Our Four Step Process


Firstly, tell us more about your company and who you’re looking for. We want to make sure that we not only match our candidates based on qualifications but also with your company’s culture.


Our experts will then begin our search process. Candidates will be interviewed and we’ll send you our top picks. Assessments are included on several areas such as skills, motive fit, culture fit to help you decide which candidates you want to move forward with.


We will schedule interviews with our candidates via your preferred communication platform. In some cases you may want applicants to work on case studies or exams which we can help facilitate for you.


Finally and most importantly, once a candidate is selected, you can make a job offer where you and the candidate can directly agree on terms. We will be here to support you all the way if needed. Once hired, you will be paying us a fee of 20% of the assumed first year’s salary of the candidate.

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Florida: 25.774300, -80.193700
Germany: 52.517000, 13.388900
Hawaii: 19.538100, -155.052000
New Jersey: 40.735700, -74.172400
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Texas: 29.424600, -98.495100
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Republic of Singapore: 1.300350, 103.865000
Manila: 14.604200, 120.982000
boston: 42.628900, -78.737500
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