Offering a wide range of customized recruitment solutions


Who we are

We believe recruiting can be done better. We are a team of strategic thinkers, analysts, problem solvers, relationship builders, connectors, researchers and not to mention, recruiters. We customize solutions because we understand that your scenario doesn't always require the same approach. Want to know more? Leave us a note and we will be happy to learn more about your hiring scenario. READ MORE

Regular Executive Search

Great results come from our disciplined process coupled with our industry experience. We assess and understand, agree with you on timelines, walk you through our plan to attack the market, provide fully transparent reports about process status.


Speed Search

We will put your search on TOP priority and assign the right amount of recruiters to FOCUS on your search to meet YOUR timelines. We will charge a combination of retainer fees and placement fees.


Talent Research Services

Planning a ramp for unique skills? We can provide comprehensive market research including very detailed scatter charts on compensation per years experience.