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Your Gateway to Global Talent

We help business owners find kick-ass specialists, managers, and top executives.

We’ve been doing this for over 5 years and have survived the pandemic — going on our strongest year. How?

Our teams know what kick-ass talent looks like because we were top managers from Fortune 500 companies. We applied all the best hiring practices we learned from our mentors and added our own secret ingredients. Our team is passionate about helping you solve your talent challenges!

We are the go-to recruitment partner of Global banks, energy companies, online retail companies, global manufacturers, and consulting firms. Recently we’ve been helping US and UK-based companies find top Virtual Managers from the Philippines.

In the past 20 years outsourcing has been done through third-party BPO providers for non-critical functions. Currently, key management roles are being outsourced. Why not if the cost vs value is right? Let us help you solve your talent challenges!


“I believe that recruiting can be done better. After spending 13 years in corporate recruiting and experiencing underwhelming vendors and products, I knew that someone needed to innovate.

We aim to create products that are 5x better or 5x cheaper than existing solutions. That is the ONLY way to win – by being 100% Value Focused.”

Mark Jacinto

“Our team works FAST in sourcing for talent. We are able to provide data and insights, to assist hiring leaders in making decisions based on the availability and affordability of certain skills.

We do this by keeping an extremely diligent process with a mix of tech and automation, understanding data and keeping up-to-date with recruiting trends and market capabilities.”

Michelle Ingcoco

Interested in building your remote team?

Hiring vetted full-time or part-time remote workers can be a headache when you don’t know what to do. We help you find talents with lower operational and labor costs without compromising the quality of work because your business also matters to us.

  • Great English and experienced in dealing with managers from western cultures.

  • Highly-skilled candidates with rich professional backgrounds working at global companies or for global clients.

  • Top skills in – Sales/Marketing, Customer Service, Application Development, Design and Creatives, Finance, Process Improvement, Supply Chain Human Resources, E-Commerce, Digital Marketing.

  • Fully adapted to the new normal of work – no pandemic can stop these professionals

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