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JAVA Talent Ocean (Beta)

Interview Great Java Talent Fast!
Get access to our PRE-INTERVIEWED Java talent
Filter based on Location/Shift/Salary/Skills etc
View CV
No need to worry about contact numbers that don’t work
Have them scheduled for a phone interview ASAP Pay per hire at ultra discounted rates!


6% of fixed annual compensation (introductory rate)

(traditional head hunting placement fees are from 15% to 18%)

How It Works

1. Customer Sign Up

Fill up Customer Form

2. Review Terms

If you agree to our terms, we will email you our Service Agreement via email for you to sign

3. Access our portal

We will give you access to our portal with pre-interviewed and validated candidates

4. Browse

Browse candidate profiles based on Skills/Location/Shift/Salary/Years Experience then click on Resume Link to view

5. Choose candidates

Choose candidate ID’s of people you want to interview and inform us via email

6. Scheduling

We will schedule a phone interview between you (or your colleagues) and the candidates you choose

7. Access Candidate info

We will give you access to their contact information

8. Hire candidates

If one of our candidates are hired, we will charge a Placement Fee which is payable 30 days after start date

Other Terms

  • Our main service is to schedule Phone Interviews for you
  • All our profiles have been pre-interviewed and relevant information will be provided
  • All Phone Interview scheduling will be done by M-Ocean to ensure candidates are tracked and our Customers do not bypass our service. However, after proper tracking, the Customer will gain access to the Candidate’s information and will carry forward the coordination to set up additional interviews, job offers etc.
  • Hiring decisions are YOUR sole responsibility. We offer no guarantees nor replacements if the people you hire resign
  • Candidates you hire will be removed from our system and we will not actively seek out or offer opportunities to candidates who have been hired by our customers. However these candidates are free to activate their profiles if they leave the company (where they were hired) or after one year (from when they were hired)


Java Talent Ocean Traditional Head Hunter Linkedin Searching Online Advertisement
Cost 6% placement fees (introductory offer) very high (18% placement fees) free PH 3000 to 15000
Only pay if hired? Yes Yes No No
No-Shows very low very low very low very high
Average time needed to find good candidates A few minutes A few days to weeks A few minutes to hours several hours to days
Speed to Set up Initial Interviews As soon as you and the candidate are ready! Several days to weeks Several days to weeks Several days to weeks
Pre Interviewed? Yes Yes No No
Skills Verified? Yes Yes No No
Preferences/Salary Verified? Yes Yes No No
3 Month Guarantee No Yes No No
Custom Search Criteria No Yes Yes No
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